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Various Crack Tools BOX [I]
MetabolicДата: Пятница, 27.05.2016, 17:23 | Сообщение # 1
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CiN1 Team Cracking Tools Pack v1.0 [2015]

# This application consists of various programs and tools used for reversing.
# The programs are present in ZIP/RAR files after extraction from the application.
# The files are extracted in the same directory as that of the application.

Tools Included:
1. OllyICE 1.10
2. OllyDBG 2.01
3. DIE 0.94
4. PEiD 0.95
5. ImpREC 1.7e
6. LordPE

Source: CiN1Team

Скачать: CiN1 Team Cracking Tools Pack 1.0

Reverse Engineering (Collector's Tool) [2004]

Reverse Engineering (All That You Need Is Here).

Included types tools:
- Analyzers and Rippers
- APIs, References and General Essays
- Crackmes and Reversemes
- Cryptography and Cryptology
- Debuggers
- Disassemblers and Decompilers
- Disk Protections
- Editors and Viewers
- EXE Tools
- Game Hacking
- Packers, Cryptors and Protectors
- Password Crackers
- Patchers, Loaders and Keygen Makers
- Resource Editors
- System Monitors
- Tutorials and Guides
- Università Italiana Cracking (UIC)
- Unpackers, Dumpers and Decryptors
- Various Tools

##More Details##

Скачать: Reverse Engineering (All That You Need Is Here)

CRACKL@B SUN & SKY DVD 2010 [2010]

~CRACKL@B SUN & SKY DVD 2010 Official Cover~

CRACKL@B DVD это отличное дополнение к сайту (exelab.ru), которое вы сможете держать в руках. Содержание диска - тщательно структурированная и описанная коллекция материалов для начинающих и опытных крэкеров и программистов. Истории самого диска уже более 4 лет, сначала это был CRACKL@B CD 2004, впервые выпущенный в марте 2004 года, затем появились DVD 2005, 2006, 2007 и 2008. Теперь это ДВА новых диска: CRACKL@B SUN DVD 2010 и его дополнение - диск с полезными программами CRACKL@B SKY DVD 2010, оба диска набиты под завязку (4480 Мбайт). На каждом этапе я вложил в создание диска много времени и какую-нибудь новую изюминку, например сейчас в DVD 2010 основным стало то, что один диск превратился в два. Вообще, для меня собирать и наводить порядок в информации одно из самых любимых занятий - на этом развился и сайт, на этом развился и CRACKL@B DVD. Всё это делается в течение долгого времени и под хорошее настроение, а стало быть "от души" - уверен, что это чувствуется!

Содержание диска:
CRACKL@B SUN DVD 2010 является основным диском и состоит из трех разделов: крэкерские инструменты, инструменты программиста, библиотека книг и статей на различные компьютерные темы.

1. Крэкерские инструменты (1900 мегабайт - 600 архивов).
2. Инструменты программиста (1400 мегабайт - 260 архивов).
3. Литература (1100 мегабайт - 250 архивов).

#Подробный список разделов#
#Список структуры папок диска#

Скачать: CRACKL@B SUN DVD 2010
MD5: 416A28C2CF148589AECDD70351ADA0AF
SHA-1: DF26B4F7CD9AA5EC75A742DF785435AB6957DE8C
Скачать: CRACKL@B SKY DVD 2010
MD5: 9470E1EBCB19EBF973143BAAC6E773D5
SHA-1: 2AC364822B52F37F727C9C5985FA6E4C39BD3461

Cracking Kit 2012 Ultimate AIO [2009]

~Cracking Kit 2012 Ultimate AIO Official Cover~

Cracking 2012 is the long awaited sequel to the original cracking kit 2010 released in 2008. It features the largest collection of reverse engineering tools ever compiled. All software has been updated to the latest version, but you can still run older versions of the software if you want.

In this kit, you will find rare, hard-to-find programs designed for the expert cracker, and the beginner. This kit now comes with a handy launcher menu called PStart.exe. Feel free to customize the layout of the menu to suit your needs.

This kit is for educational purposes only. TOTU accepts no responsibility for any damage caused whilst using the kit.

* DEPROTECTION [All-in-one, huge collection of unpackers / deprotectors]
* DECOMPILERS [All-in-one, decompilers for Visual Basic, Delphi, DOTNET, etc]

Three little sub-kits* released, unaffiliated with TOTU. But still handy.
They are:
* Angel 55 Cracker_Kit
* Crackbox MMV
* Crackerskit.v2.00-icu

So what's new:
* Handy launcher menu added.
* All soft has been updated to the latest version
* Now comes with an all-in-one deprotection package. Deprotect/unpack any kind of soft.
* Grab only the sections you're looking for. The kit is now split into parts.

Burn or mount the ISO with your favourite tool. Locate PStart.exe, and get cracking!

Site: TOTU / Page Release TOTU

~Screen Folder Tree~

Скачать: Cracking Kit 2012 Ultimate AIO
MD5: AADFE16E67583B70077BA3813018AA4F
SHA-1: E2A02C771CEFB753063EBB4C9CEB0090A984E4F8

Cracking Kit 2012 Deux RCE DVD (V2) [2012]

~Cracking Kit 2012 Deux RCE DVD Official Cover~

This kit has everything the original Cracking Kit 2012 has, but boasts a much more expansive and better range of tools.
We have decided to include as many different versions of soft as possible (to target different digital signatures).
You may have noticed the payload has increased in terms of overall size of the kit - testament to how much work we have put into it.
Oh and we heard you - now we have tutorials, links, and crackmes to help you even more.
Also, may folks have told us they use this kit for Malware analysis more than anything else.
We welcome the use of this kit for this purpose. Malware has close ties to reverse engineering anyways tongue


"Long live reversing"

DISCLAIMER: Run in a virtual machine. Run in a sandboxed environment. These are Reverse Engineering tools.
INFORMATION: If you want to know what's inside (file listings, screenshots), consult iNFO.rar please.

[..]Packed: 3.91 GB / [un]Packed: 6.23 GB

Password: _2012_

Скачать: Cracking Kit 2012 Deux RCE DVD
MD5: 546035A1F3451E332BB599C59CF791D0
SHA-1: 58141BB5EA62CBF4F4D1DA9DC501CF80CE508C8B

AT4RE Reverser's KiT v1.0 [2009]

AT4RE Reverser's KiT V1.0 a Collection of BASIC Reverser tools for daily use Include:
- Debuger
- Disasm & Decompilers
- DotNet Tools Pack
- Hashing & Crypto
- Hex Editors
- Misc
- Mobile
- Monitors
- Packers
- Patcher
- PE Scanners
- Process Tools
- Resource Editor
- Unpackers
- Win32 PE Tools

##More Details##

Source: AT4RE

Скачать: AT4RE Reverser's KIT V1.0

AIO 0llyDBG Tools Pack [2013]

~All In One OllyDBG Tools Pack About~

All tools packet for ollyDBG v1.10 / v2.0. And ImmunityDBG. Contain plugins, script, patch, extra tools, utilities etc. I hope you like it...

- ImmunityDbg Plugin Fixer
- Immunity Manuals & Development Kits.
- ODBGPluginConv v0.1b
- OllyDbg Detection & Hide Tools
- OllyDbg Extra Tools & Utilities
- OllyDbg Manuals & Development Kits

AIO Plugins Pack for OllyDBG v1.10:
- +BP-Olly V2.0 Beta 4
- aadp4olly v0.1.1
- Address to File Offset v1.0
- AdvancedOlly v1.25
- AdvancedOlly v1.26 beta 10
- AdvancedOlly v1.26 beta 12
- AdvancedOlly v1.26 beta 8

Скачать: AIO 0llyDBG Tools Pack 2013

OllyDBG Rev.C [2014]

Developer: Izzedin Al Qassam Group
Size: 322MB
OS: Windows x86 All

Package: OllyDBG 2.0.1 Personal Edition
- Plugins
- Scripts
- Utilities
- Tutorial [EN/ES]
- Videotutorial
- CrackMe

Скачать: OllyDBG Rev.C

Cracker Tools v2.8 By yildo [2020]

~Cracker Tools v2.3 Folder Screen~

yildo releases his new crack tools. just click install, it will be installed silently. you can access the tools on right click. work on 32bit, 64bit not tested.
- After finishing installation, you can reach the folders from C:\Program Files\Cracker Tools 2.4 By yildo

Cracker Tools 2.4 Katılımsız Kurulum. [?24 / ?25]
Güncel bulunan yazılımlar ile tekrardan hazırlanmıştır.
programlar içersinden herhangi bir yazılım serial key isterse bulunduğu dizinde mevcut olucaktır.
eksik dll vs isteyen yazılımlar için dll kaydı otomatik yapılacaktır.
İndirdiğiniz dosyaya çift tıklayarak direk kuruluma gecebilirsiniz..

Note: Sag tik menusu icin tutoriali izleyebilirsiniz.

Source: Decompile.us / [?] / [?] / [?] / [?] / [?]

Скачать: Cracker Tools 2.3 By yildo (2015)
Скачать: Cracker Tools 2.4 By yildo (2016)
Скачать: Cracker Tools 2.5 By yildo (2017)
Скачать: Cracker Tools 2.6 By yildo (2019)
Скачать: Cracker Tools 2.7 By yildo (2020)
Скачать: Cracker Tools 2.8 By yildo (2020)

52pojie Tools Collection [2016]

The collection of tools from the site "52pojie.cn" [?]


Скачать: 52pojie Tools Collection (05-02-2016)

Tuts 4 You - Collection [2011]

This is a complete archive (site rip) of all files on Tuts 4 You as of July 2011 except for the malware samples - you will need to download these directly from Tuts 4 You.

Скачать: Tuts 4 You - Collection 2011
MD5: EB1A3148553B50015FD2D5D2AA4F2035
SHA-1: 7EC6443C165CC6FD8E40FB2AE2EA1A52F444144F

Master Turkish Cracker Tools Suite v1.0 [2011]

Cracking Tools:
- VicOlly
- RedGate Developer 2010
- VReFormer Pro 5
- Best Tools 1.6
- DoNet Tools Pack
- VB Decompiler Pro 7.9
- WinHex 15.8
- NetPlay Instant Demo Pro 8.0 Retail
- PeID 0.95
- ExeInfoPE
- W32DasmTR
- E2A2 Delphi & C++Builder Decompiler
- DeDe
- Source Rescuer
- UnFoxAll Windows 3
- ArmaG3ddon 1.9
- Delphi Decompiler
- Fastscanner 3.0

Video Tutorials:
- Unpacking Asprotect exe,dll
- Patching Cafeplus 10
- Themida
- Total Video Converter
- Keygening TE Registry Cleaner
- Simpo PDF Converter


Author: Pr0c3ss

Скачать: Master Turkish Cracker Tools Suite 1.0

UnPacKcN風戀逆向解密工具包2014新年版 [2014]



大小: 670972782 字节
修改时间: 2014年1月30日, 22:30:25
MD5: C345635D405E11A43CD2339E2AB224FA
SHA1: EFADA68064380B71EA73FB4598F19507AB2367DB
CRC32: 58DFF913


Date: 2014/1/30
Size: 639 Mb

Скачать: UnPacKcN風戀逆向解密工具包 [Pass: UnPacKcN]
MD5: C345635D405E11A43CD2339E2AB224FA
SHA-1: EFADA68064380B71EA73FB4598F19507AB2367DB

UPK 0lly Tools [2014]

Tools assembly debugger OllyDbg and Immunity Debugger with all available plug-ins, scripts and utilities for patching, keygening, unpacking, serial fishing and also malware analysis.

Скачать: UPK 0lly Tools 2014

Зеркало: UPK 0lly Tools 2014 (baidu) [Pass: unpack]
Зеркало: UPK 0lly Tools 2014 [Pass: unpack]

UnPacKcN - 蓑烟雨论坛2015工具包 [2015]

~UnPacKcN一蓑烟雨论坛2014工具包 Screen~

Pack tools, from our Chinese counterparts, debuggers OllyDbg and Immunity Debugger with all available plug-ins, scripts and utilities.

Скачать: UnPacKcN一蓑烟雨论坛2014工具包 (baidu)
Зеркало: UnPacKcN一蓑烟雨论坛2014工具包
MD5: 98C0817A6AD851A6F9A7175EF4275FD2
SHA-1: A5BD13883E02ABF05DEF32D60FD3EC06720336EB

Скачать: UnPacKcN一蓑烟雨论坛2015工具包 (baidu)
Зеркало: UnPacKcN一蓑烟雨论坛2015工具包
MD5: 3475F9A7B2D07A5A3DFCABE63A72D6C1
SHA-1: ADDD162F7BD2CE3AE86E19EE0786C02F2B9B2528

af78Дата: Понедельник, 19.02.2018, 08:39 | Сообщение # 2
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Обновите пожалуйста, Уважаемый Metabolic, ссылку на файл: Cracker Tools 2.3 By yildo (2015), при переходе по URL Такого файла не существует.

Добавлено (19.02.2018, 08:39)
Cracker Tools 2.3 By yildo (2015)

Not a working link, please correct.

MetabolicДата: Среда, 21.02.2018, 17:30 | Сообщение # 3
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af78, Ссылка обновлена.
linuxkungfuДата: Вторник, 27.02.2018, 17:34 | Сообщение # 4
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Metabolic, Thank you friend smile
bolzanogatewayДата: Понедельник, 29.07.2019, 12:21 | Сообщение # 5
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Hi, the link to this file needs to be fixed/updated: UnPacKcN風戀逆向解密工具包2014新年版 [2014].
MetabolicДата: Понедельник, 29.07.2019, 17:03 | Сообщение # 6
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bolzanogateway, Link updated.
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