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OllyDbg 1 [Modification Pack] (Part 2)
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Коллекция различных модификаций отладчика OllyDbg на все случаи жизни (Часть №2)
Каждая сборка предварительно заточена под определенные задачи

OllyDbg EvO DBG [Modification]

Author: EvOlUtIoN
This is my version of OllyDBG. I removed all useless plugins and put my preferred ones, and also I set-up a good configuration. With it you should be able to load any protected file (Themida for example).
Sometimes you have to change some options inside plugins (with Obsidium for example), but the current setting is good in 90% of cases.
It has also a more advanced loaddll.exe that allows you to load dll's in different memory locations, so you can rebuild relocations in an easy way.

Скачать: OllyDbg_EvO_DBG.rar

OllyDbg SROeR v1.10 [Modification]

Author: SROeR

Скачать: OllyDBG110_SROeR.rar

OllyDbg Trgct0lly [Modification]

Author: bLueDarK

Скачать: Ollydbg110_Trgct0lly.rar

OllyDbg C1team [Modification]

Author: C1team

Скачать: OllyDbg110_C1team.rar

OllyDbg Teror Nemesis Byte [Modification]

Author: NeMeSiS_ByTe

Скачать: OllyDBG_v1.10_Teror.rar

OllyDbg The 3rd Edition [Modification]

Author: RegKiller

Скачать: OllyDBG_v1.10_The_3rd_Edition.rar

OllyDbg New Wave v5 [Modification]

Author: NewWave

Скачать: OllyDbg_NewWave_v5_TEST.rar / OllyDbg_NewWave_v6_QuickDebugFinal.rar / OllyDbg_NewWave_v7_Reloaded.rar

OllyDbg R4ndoms [Modification]

Author: Unknown Author

Скачать: OllyDBG110_R4ndoms.rar

OllyDbg mod NBRTeam (plugins fix) [Modification]

Author: NBRTeam

Скачать: OllyDbg_mod_NBRTeam_plugins_fix.rar

OllyDbg Execryptor Edition [Modification]

Author: Unknown Author

Скачать: OllyDbg110_Execryptor_Edition.rar

OllyDbg Green [Modification]


Скачать: OllyDbg_v1.10_Green.rar

OllyDbg Armadillo [Modification]

Author: d3will

Скачать: OllyDbg_v1.10_Armadillo.rar

OllyDbg TeAm CiS [Modification]

TeAm CiS and tEaM CiS - "Cracked In Seconds" [Admin R3aper]

About OLLyDBG - Team CiS:
* 35 Useful Plugins
* 867 Olly Scripts
* Symbols
* Lib
* New Icons

This Modified OllyDbg Made by Combining different Modified Versions
It should be able to hide from most Protections.

Скачать: OllyDBG110_TeAm_CiS.rar

OllyDbg MTCTOly [Modification]

Скачать: OllyDbg110_MTCTOly.rar

OllyDbg MPT [Modification]

Скачать: OllyDBG_v1.10_MPT.rar

OllyDbg ICE Mod [Modification]

Скачать: OllyDbg_ICE.rar

OllyDbg HellDbg [Modification]

Скачать: OllyMod_HellDBG.rar

Форум » Программы отладчики » Отладчик OllyDbg » OllyDbg 1 [Modification Pack] (Part 2) (Подборка модификаций OllyDbg 1 (Часть-2))
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