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GUnPacker v0.5 (Generic Unpacker)
02.05.2015, 15:02

GUnpacker - программа для распаковки исполняющих фалов поддерживающая большое количество самых распространенных упаковщиков, от китайских парней.

GUnpacker-assisted shell tool is that it has two main functions:
- 1. OEP positioning
- 2. Dump been decrypted code and data can be used to repair the follow-up of PE

At present, only in my own machine with a number of tests done Shell (which will support the concrete shell, I do not know ^_^), for the time being no bug,
Therefore, made up hope that we try to help, such as found in the shell can not support or bug, that keep abreast of trouble, or send e-mail to hi.gunpacker @ gmail.com [code] format is as follows:

Operating System: WinXp sp2
Shell name: UPX
Version: 0.89
Results: The success of the shell or other failure of the shell:

Upload Attachment:
The following is a rough, I tested through the list of the shell, the shell for protection, it is possible to position FakeOEP:

RLPack 1.1
ACProtect 1.09,1.32,1.41,2.0
EXECrypt 1.0
ASProtect 1.1,1.2,1.23 RC1, 1.33,1.35,1.40, SKE .2.11, SKE .2.1, SKE .2.2,,
PELock 1.06
SDProtector 1.12,1.16
SVKP 1.32,1.43
PE-Armor 0.46,0.49,0.75,0.765
AHPack 0.1
SimplePack 1.0,1.1,1.2
PE Cryptor 1.5
EPPort 0.3
JDProtect 0.9,1.01,2.0
UPC UnKown
PEncrypt 4.0
PECompact 1.x
teLock All
UPolyX 0.5
WinKript 1.0
PolyCryptA UnKown
Hmimys Packer UnKown
FSG 1.33,2.0
Beria 0.07
ASPack All
Mpress UnKown
Packman UnKown
MEW 11 1.0/1.2
PEtite 2.3
Bero 1.0
DragonArmor 1.0
eXe32Pack 1.42
eXeStealth 2.64,2.73,2.76
MaskPE 1.6,1.7,2.0
MKFpack 1.0
Mucki 1.0
NCPH 1.0
PCShrink 0.71
PEDiminisher 0.1
PKlite32 1.1
Rubbish 2.0
V2Packer 0.02
WindCrypt 1.0
yoda 1.1,1.2

Note: trouble confirm the test exe or dll is the normal load.

ToDo List:
1. To identify the unknown shell
2. PE header repair and import
3. Based on feedback from users, the need to increase support for the shell

Disclaimer stated:
1. This is just a free-assisted shell tool, you should not be used for commercial purposes.
2. This is just a free-assisted shell tool from the tool directly or indirectly lead to problems, I have no responsibility.
3. I will update as soon as possible, but the energy is limited, hope that we may be excused.

Версия: 0.5
Год выхода: 2008
Сайт: PediY

Скачать: GUnPacker v0.4 (pass: Unpack)
Скачать: GUnPacker v0.5 (pass: Unpack)

Скачать: QUnpackDll v1.2 by Shub-Nigurrath

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