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Resource Editor v0.9.0.834 [EN/RU] (by Anders Melander)
05.05.2012, 23:53

Resource Editor v0.9.0.834 (by Anders Melander)

The resource editor in its current form is a stand alone application. It was originally designed to be integrated with and embedded into the Delphi IDE but the necessary Delphi APIs are currently not available for this to work properly. I will revive the integrated solution if Embarcadero ever implement the required APIs.

The motivation behind the development of the resource editor was the continuing lack of such a tool in Delphi and my surprise when it turned out that Delphi 2009 wouldn’t include one as some of us had expected it would.

The primary focus of the resource editor is RES files with a heavy bias toward the resource types commonly used by Delphi developers, but all common resource file formats and resource types are supported.

For now the resource editor is freeware. I have not decided what to do with it in the future. I may decide to turn it into a commercial product if I can find anyone willing to market it (I’m no good at that myself), I may decide to open source it or I may grow tired of it and just burn the disks - so to speak.

Notes: Resource Editor for RES, RC, EXE and DLL files. Supports most common resource types. Note: This is BETA software.

Version: BETA
Updated: 10 September, 2011
Homepage: melander.dk/reseditor
Language: English
Developer: Anders Melander

Скачать: Resource Editor v0.9.0.834 / RU

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