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Конвертеры BIN-HEX-DEC-TEXT №4
04.03.2018, 19:55

Hex-ASCII Converter v4.6.6

Hex-ASCII Converter - convert hexadecimal strings to ASCII text and vice versa with a single click.

• Hex to ASCII and ASCII to hex conversion,
• Simple interface, type or paste the string and press enter,
• Small application window allowing simultaneous use with your favorite IDE, text editor, Microsoft Office, etc.,
• Dream frequency "no-frills" style as described by Download.com editor,
• Sits in tray until needed.

Discover what that incomprehensible string of hex characters converts to, use everyday with your existing IDE or use it to look up what the code for the ASCII dollar sign is, etc..

P.S. After double clicking on the file, see the path: "C:\Program Files\Dream ƒrequency"

Homepage: http://dreamfrequency.com/df.cgi?HextoASCIIA

Скачать: Hex to ASCII Converter v4.6.6 / Utilities

~На хостинге нет свободного места~
To be continued...

~Конверторы HEX-DEC-TEXT №1~

Категория: Other | Добавил: Metabolic | Теги: Ascii to Hex, Text to Hex, Text to Binary, Binary code, Dec to Hex, Hex to Text
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